There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.


It’s been a long week so far. I failed to write yesterday, and I’m not going to be writing much today either. I just have too much to do. But I’ve come to realize something… I’m way too nice to people. Friends, family, etc… and I never get anything in return. I’m still waiting on checks from mom and my taxes and shit. I need to make more money. Maybe I should start stripping. That’ll work. Yeah… there we go. -_- No, I won’t do that. I’m not pretty enough anyway. I need to start losing weight. I want to be smaller. Too bad I can’t shrink. I want to be taller too. Anyone want to cut off my feet at my ankles… I think that would be a good height for me, no? I wish I was like 5 foot 5 inches… goddamn stupid family genes. And I have big feet too. I hate them. I look like bigfoot, and it’s scary sometimes. Sigh.

Anyway. My back is killing me so much. Whenever I have my period, combine that with arthritis in my lower back… I’m about ready to keel over everyday. I hate being a girl sometimes… I really do. And other times… I love it. Nothing is ever easy though, is it? 😦

I just want today to be over with so I can go home and sleep/rest/relax and take a nice hot bath; which I haven’t done in a real real long time.

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