So you know I’m sitting up here in wonderful Mountain Top and I have nothing else to do so I decided to post something. First off, I took a picture…



I hope you like it.

In other news, I’m tired. I can only sleep in like 2 days of the week and I was woken up one of them. No big deal, But I couldn’t fall back asleep at all. I blame the cats.
I can’t wait until I can finally be in a city. Don’t get me wrong… I love it out here in the middle of nowhere But I’m starting to realize alot and that this maybe shouldn’t have been the place I moved to. I like the people so far… the ones who aren’t valley sluts and whores like this one bitch I know. But I’m missing out on alot. So much is going on in other places… NYC is calling my name… so is Cali.. and Boston.. I don’t know where to go next. I mean it would be fantastic to live in a city, But I worry about mom. And I dont want to end up going to a city that Jim is going to… unless we’re on civil terms, you know? I know we both want out of here when he’s off probation. I’ve given everything I’ve got living here with him… and I guess I try too hard to make some people happy that just don’t want my help. There are others, of course, But whatever. I just don’t want to wind up in the Same city as him… unless we can come to an agreement.
I wish things were different. I wish people were different and I wish alot of things… But none of that matters really I guess. I won’t change from who I am now… and who I am now misses the old me. Sigh.

Anyway. It’s getting colder out, winter is coming. I’ve been talking to one guy… and then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me… as like every other guy I ever talk to. That’s why I like the relationship I have with Jim, whatever that right be. Atleast there is a male present…
Well, enough for now.