…And Here, We, GO.

Alright so now, It’s February. Already a month and some odd days gone by in the new year, and it seems like it was just Christmas. Pretty soon it will be again. I don’t like that. Life is just flashing before my eyes and I don’t like it one bit. I want to be able to slow life down and grab it by the horns and say WOAH GIRL, HOLD UP. But it’s not that simple. Not at all.

I’ve decided to change my blog around a bit, changed the look of it and decided to go for a more.. professional look rather than a teenager look if you wanted to call it that. Of course I’ll still write about the same stuff here and there, post pictures, that doesn’t matter. I just think that having a nice looking blog is always for the better.

So I think I need to sell a few things. I’m way behind on money and I shouldn’t have bought some things I did, but I needed them, like cat litter, cat food, food for me, bookcases etc. Just some things I needed for around the house that well, I didn’t have. And now I’m regretting it. If you can do anything to help me… my PayPal information is MarigoldxKaye@aol.com You can donate money there… so I don’t fall behind on anything. I know not ALL of you people out there are assholes… There are still SOME good people out there that can help when they can. It seems I always help people out.. but they can never help me back in return. I’m always putting help out there for others.. and then get hit in my face. All the time. ALL the time. Oh well. I guess I’m just too nice to everyone. And you people wonder why I close myself off occasionally and don’t talk to anyone.. It’s not my fault. I’m tired of being nice. I always get screwed over in the end.

On a side note, I think I’m going to change my blog once more though. Unless you have an opinion on this layout? I think it’s a bit TOO plain or a bit too blah for me, even if it is professional. Please leave feedback here in the comments so I know what to do. Please, and thank you in advance.

Also… on a happier note, we’re getting snow soon.. I hope we get alot, I don’t feel like doing anything this weekend really. I want to sit inside and watch movies and drink hot chocolate and clean out all the clothes I have. I have too many clothes.. I need to sell some. Would anyone be interested in buying some? Haha. Sorry, I tend to ramble on.