I’ve been searching for an exit but I’m lost inside my head;
Where I spend every waking moment wishing this would end.
I can’t take another step, I cannot live inside my mind,
I can’t face another day, I am so fucking tired.
For I am lost right now as the ocean deep,
I am low my friend and how my heart does sink.

Been sitting here tonight staring at a blank page for a blog and I couldn’t think of what to write, if anything. I decided to set a new theme for my blog, which I think is pretty rad right now. I might invest in hitting up that customization pricing per year when I get my mini tax return. (I’m getting like nothing back actually, so we’ll see. It sucks, because I can’t even buy car things to make Hannah prettier…)

There’s a fat cat sprawled out on my bed right now, and he’s taking up literally half of it so I need to find a way to sleep around him tonight or move him. I know he’ll just come right up and sit in my face though if I as so much touch him. MooMoo has been lovey dovey recently again for some reason, and I don’t know why. It’s odd. It’s like she gets in her moods again and goes on a liking spree and then bam, happy kitty… for like 5 minutes. Then back to hating the world like always. Gee, the more I describe her, the more she sounds like me.. I wonder if she’s meant to be like that for a reason, lol. Never know. But either way, I love them to bits and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Go ahead, call me a crazy cat lady. I don’t care, because you know what, if I could afford to I’d have more and you all know it. They make me happy and you can judge all you want. And if I want, I’ll take a selfie with my cat. STFU.

I’ve just been wasting time tonight watching movies and trying to relax after a long ass day at work. And now it’s already almost 11PM. Where does the time go? I really need to sleep actually. Eesh. I don’t know why I allow myself to stay up… rather, I know if I get in bed, I won’t sleep anyway so might as well do something productive, no? Would rather do this then just stare at my phone waiting to see if someone will text me or something.

Have some adorable photos of my cats I took tonight. I don’t post enough of them I don’t think… I actually also haven’t brought out the camera in a long time either and I should do that. It’s been months. I just haven’t felt in the mood to do anything with pics recently. I’ve kind of not even picked it up since October… and that’s real bad of me I think. I need something to motivate me again into doing photos.

Cheers! Off to sleep.


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