A Favor House Atlantic

Your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could recall the moments that once have.
Retract the footsteps that brought us to this favor I wouldn’t ask this of you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so much going on and so much I need to sort out. Time’s coming up as to when I won’t have a job and I need to really crunch on applying and trying to find one for when I come back from Vegas. I hope NJ will grant me unemployment though or I won’t make it very long at all without it and I’ll probably have to sell everything or move back to NJ and I don’t want to do that. Things are going okay here for once and I don’t want to give that up. Maybe I’ll just move halfway across the world or state and rule out going home and being homeless. I’ll go out to Cali like everyone else does. But then I have the cats to worry about too so I don’t know how that will go for them. Everything all up in the air and I’m kind of stressed about it myself. I don’t know what to do. I can’t ask for more money off Nana and Poppop, they give me too much already and I feel like a failure because I can’t even support myself. I might just have to take in a roommate or something so me and Emle can make it work somehow in the winter.

I think work is getting to me. I’ve been doing what I need to do but I think just like everyone else at the company, I’m slowing down. And I’m only a temp. Some of the people there have been there for 15-20 years like my mom, and I can only imagine how they feel. They’re a great company, it just sucks to see this location go under and make everyone move to MA if they want to still have a job. I’m tempted to apply there to see if there’s anything good there that I would be great for without having to go back to school or something like that. I applied for a job here in PA but haven’t gotten a call back or anything, but there’s only one position available not multiple like I’m used to applying for. I want to actually be selected by someone because I strike them as a great worker. And I think I’d be perfect for this place I applied for and they’re hiring right at the time I’m looking for… so it’s silly of them not to pick me especially since I’m used to working with computers. Just, give me luck please. I know I’m a great pick for alot of companies. They just have to see it for themselves.

Short post, but another later tonight. I just felt like I had to get some stuff out before I exploded. Next post will have new pics in it that I’ve been taking recently with my new phone. More on that later also.

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