The Phoenix

2017 was a big year for me. Let’s run through some highlights:

  1. I re-found my best friend and we started dating back in May of this year. It was perhaps by accident and totally not planned but it took him awhile to decide if thats what we truly were supposed to be. Turns out, it was.
  2. We got engaged in the very end of September at our favorite place and where we had our first official date nearly 3.5 years ago at the Bloomsburg Fair in PA.
  3. I got a major promotion with the company I worked for at the time in July, and became a work from home person starting August 1. I now am a #bossbitch and work for the government creating content and social media copy for the Defense Health Agency and Department of Defense.
  4. That job landed me (and the fiancé) in Washington State for December 1 working on Joint Base Lewis-McChord for DHA Connected Health. The Pacific Northwest is great, so far. Even though we have MUCH to explore and things to be seen come spring and summer. I’m very excited.
  5. We were fortunate enough to drive across the country from PA to WA in November right after Thanksgiving and made it in 4 days, with enough time to stop at House On The Rock in Wisconsin even and spend some time there to gawk and the insanity that it is. While on the way out, I got to meet some of his family in Montana, and my god, that state is the prettiest state I’ve ever been in. #BigSkyCountry is the place to drive through in fall and summer.
  6. I can now mark quite a few states off my list that I’ve visited and they aren’t all on the east coast anymore. Hooray! An updated list of states I’ve visited so far: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana and Minnesota. 
  7. Mom came and visited (already!) for Christmas and had a great few days with her. It was great to see someone, even though I wasn’t away for that long from my friends and family. I can’t wait until she brings me my kitties in the spring… I think thats part of the reason I am semi depressed.

Things are going pretty good. Helping my partner get passion back in his life is the hardest part right now. We’re both a bit under the weather and depressed and thought maybe this would help with the move, but so far, it’s just remained the same and maybe even potentially gotten a bit worse. I’m not too worried though. We’re still in the beginning and we have a lot to get done still including finishing setting up the apartment and finding him a job yet. I’m also in the market for a car, so I’m hoping that falls into place soon. Sadly, I sold Hannah at the end of December, but it was time for an upgrade and possibly a more adult car… (like I said, possibly.)

Things have a way of working out. Even though I miss my friends and family, I know some of them will be out in time to see me (and us) its just a matter of when. I feel that if I keep those close to me, I’ll slowly break from the depression I might be feeling these days. I’ll get used to it out here… soon.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is sometimes a part of you must die. It’s what separates the newer version of us from the old. If you have ever been in the limbo of death and rebirth you know how hard it can be. To let go and say goodbye to a part of you, so a new and better part can grow.

We should strive to be like the Phoenix when we need to. To die and rise from the ashes of what we once were. We must say Goodbye, so we can say Hello.

Love Always,

Koral Dawn

12 thoughts on “The Phoenix

  1. annamerissa

    WOW! It looks like you’re kinda killing it right now in life. I envy your success, but I am working on getting to that level of well rounded success myself one day. But shoot, I definitely relate to missing friends and family. I miss mine like crazy, but I had to leave home in order to find better job opportunities. It’s refreshing to see someone else dealing with the same feelings I am, though.

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    1. WilloweDawn Post author

      It was a little rough, I’ll give you that. I don’t know anyone here, and neither does my fiance, and it’s causing him to be a bit more depressed than me. He’s gone through alot – giving up a career, moving, trying to find a job. And it’s a bit rough. We’re slowly getting there, and I’m sure you will too. With regards to work – thanks! It’s a struggle daily where I work, but it just reminds me that I’m here for a reason and I got the position I’m in because of what I’ve done and what I can do and will be able to do in the future. I’m hoping to move up the chain, though I am just a contractor right now for the government. Sticky situations, but from here, I can work for any major company with Social media and Marketing strategy. ❤


      1. annamerissa

        Yeah, I can definitely see how that could get him down. I started moving into depression before I got my job just because I had nothing to do all day. I was also recently dumped, so that only added fuel to the fire. BUT, you and your fiance are doing it together, and that’s what counts. I’ve been struggling to make friends in my new city as well, so if you have any recommendations, I would LOVE to hear them. One of the only ideas I have is to join a gym and try to meet some people via that outlet.

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      2. WilloweDawn Post author

        A gym is good, but I honestly would go that route first. I mean personally for me at least. I would look on Facebook for local groups and clubs or trivia night at bars or something. Not that a bar is good to go to, but it makes for a fun evening with trivia! Here, we have alot of flea markets and a Saturday farmers market and antique shops we like to go to every other weekend and chance we get. There are a few clubs online like rock painting and library clubs and photography clubs (we both enjoy photography) and are starting those here soon to try and see new things and meet people. There is also an app on your phone – there’s an option to say “I’m looking for BFF’s” vs dating in it and i forge the name of the app, but if I think of it I’ll let you know!

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      3. annamerissa

        I think the app you’re thinking of is called Bumble! I tried it for a bit, but didn’t really get much action. But I love photography as well! I should look and see if there’s similar clubs in my area that I can join! 🙂 But bars aren’t a bad idea either, alcohol tends to make people more friendly and bring them out of their shell, so that would definitely be a step in the right direction!

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      4. WilloweDawn Post author

        I think that’s it! My friend told me about it, and I just haven’t tried it yet. That’s kind of my last resort type deal, LOL. I would browse Facebook a little and join some local things, or even browse by event, you never know you might stumble upon something cool and interesting!

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      5. annamerissa

        That’s a great idea. 🙂 I have one really good friend here, but she’s VERY busy with work (teacher and coach) so she doesn’t have much time to hang with me. But I’ll drag her out sometime so I can have a buddy to bring with me on my friend-making ventures. But yeah, I wouldn’t rely too heavily on Bumble. I was on there for probably a week and saw so little action as far as fellow ladies seeking friends that I just deleted the app altogether. Meeting people organically in person is much more exciting anyways. 🙂

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      6. WilloweDawn Post author

        It totally is! I have a friend here, an older gentleman that used to be a patron of my fiances bar back home. He moved here a year prior to us and loved it out here, but he’s really the only person we know currently, LOL. Thanks for the heads up on the app though, I think I’ll still try it because maybe this condensed area will be a little better! 😀

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  2. Joy

    Working from home is hard! Especially in a new city… and making new friends in general as an adult is hard. Have you joined anything? A gym with classes? Or a paint group? That’s the kind of stuff that helped me get connected. Hope you get settled and comfortable quickly. ☺️

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    1. WilloweDawn Post author

      I joined a few local groups on Facebook – one for painting rocks and one for a photo club (my fiance and i enjoy photography) and that’s our starting point! I don’t go to the gym enough, so that’s out of the question haha.



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