Blogmas – Christmas Giveaway from Koral Dawn!


Hello my Unsanity readers and friends. This year has had MANY ups down lefts and rights for myself and my loved ones. How did I cope? Through you guys and blogging mostly! Even if it was just networking and working with all of you to get your stories shared and published, you made it all happen. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and for attempting to keep me sane through the rough last half of this year. 2019 is definitely a year I won’t forget, that’s for sure. So let’s go out with a bang!

That being said, The Unsanity and Koral Dawn are doing it’s first ever giveaway for the holiday season!



  • The Unsanity contest starts December 12th and ends December 20th.
  • You MUST enter at the link above for your entries to count!
  • You must be following me on Twitter – this is a Twitter and blog post contest/giveaway.
  • Comment on this blog post with your favorite coping mechanism for your mental health – Yoga, Reading, Baking, a bath etc. I want to know what helps you!
  • This giveaway is open to the blogging community worldwide. 
  • Winner will receive the following: 1.) a Mindfulness Journal; 2.) Fineliner Pens for Journaling/Coloring; 3.) Let That Sh*t Go Activity Book.
  • Approx value of giveaway is $45, which includes shipping worldwide.
  • Winner will be announced and notified the morning after the contest has ended.
  • Return of items not accepted from winner.
  • Should winner chosen not be following, not have commented or tweeted the content, another winner will be selected at random.
  • Items will be sent out by Monday, December 23rd 2019.

14 thoughts on “Blogmas – Christmas Giveaway from Koral Dawn!

  1. lporter18

    Great blog post! My coping mechanism is writing in my journal or for my Renew Inspiration blog. Self expression is so important along this journey. Happy holidays and happy blogging!

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  2. Taryn The Dragon

    2019 has been a year of exploring all sorts of coping mechanisms:
    1) I went to therapy
    2) I try to meditate in my own way to clear my mind
    3) I go to the gym or swim or box. Exercise is good.
    4) I’m still trying to get enough sleep. Sadly, might have to give up coffee for that to happen.
    5) I write. I blog. I do art. Creative expression helps.
    6) Go into nature. I love watching the ocean or sitting on top of a mountain.

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    1. KoralDawn Post author

      Video games are a great way to de-stress any time of the year! I did Blogmas this year because I wanted to feel accomplished with myself for writing something for once instead of relying on my guest bloggers for a month! 🙂

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  3. gratisouluser

    My coping mechanism is meditation with ‘Om Mantra’. It helps me to relax my mind, body and my soul!!

    It also helps me to gain a perspective about where I am in life and how to improve my current well-being!!

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    1. KoralDawn Post author

      Walking is a great way to help your mental health. Coloring used to be my thing and then I started blogging more and baking and it seemed to help me as well! Keep it up 🙂


  4. ChatterboxChloe

    Such an awesome giveaway! My coping mechanisms are usually blogging, baking and going to the gym. Blogging because I get to write down my feelings, baking because it gives me the chance to focus on something else and working out because I get to put my anger and sadness into energy (and lose a little weight too)!

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