Hello everyone! I am Koral Dawn (I go by my first & middle name) a Virtual Assistant specializing in Administrative, Social Media Management and Client Management, among other things. I currently reside in Pennsylvania with my husband and three crazy cats – MooMoo, Romeow and Emma May.  They are my little family, supporting me in their own special ways – hence why they are also part of my logo and business.

I was formerly employed by a virtual assistant company doing freelance social media and administrative tasks. During my time there, I determined it would one day be my profession. When nothing made sense in the world of 2020 and everyone was already working from home; it seemed like the perfect time to forge ahead. In the next two years, I will have received my bachelor’s degree from SNHU for Business Administration and Marketing. That will be in addition to my Associate degree in Media Arts and Design from Middlesex College in New Jersey. My dream of pursuing this career has been progressing from that first employment opportunity to another college and now the fruition of starting it.

I have wanted to be my own boss and drop the corporate life. This was substantiated after losing my position as a Social Media Strategist being a civilian contractor with the Department of Defense. I had loved going into the office for work, learning so much about the military, working with high-ranking figures, and learning how some operations of the government really work. Though after my loss, it hit me – I could save time, energy and stress, operating from home. Being my own boss and working remotely allows me to travel anywhere and do what I want – to be a wanderer (with the husband and pets of course). We both love exploring and discovering new foods in different parts of the country. This provides the opportunity for us to make a living while enjoying life.

That thought process and path has led me here, to create Virtually Yours, Koral Dawn, to supply small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs with the help they need to successfully run their business. Can you imagine how much more you would accomplish in a day for your business if the simple tasks of social media creation and email management were completed for you? I’ve done the math, it would release roughly 4-5 hours per week to dedicate time to furthering your business.

If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call and see what I can do to help. I’m just a click away!

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