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I’m Still Here 

I haven't written in a while. I've been too preoccupied with life at the moment.. Not sure if that's good or bad really at this point in my life. Things have gone great, things have gone sour, things have gone amazing. It all depends on the day you catch me on and what I'm doing unfortunately. Sometimes I feel like I just can't win either way, but that doesn't matter to anyone. 

A little update – I had my first art show at The Steamtown Mall last night for the Steamtown Market. I guess it was a success. I had many friends there to support me and so many stayed with me, but I didn't sell much or as much as I wanted to at least. Maybe one day I'll get there. I got a lot of "Wow, you're really talented." And "Wow those look great, you have a good eye." But I only sold maybe 3-4 things. Didn't make a profit really after all I spent to go into this. But there's hope and more chances in the future. Here's a couple photos from the night – my stand looked alright. It could have been better and bigger like everyone else's there but it just wasn't since this was my first show. 

Anyway – I'm off to NJ tomorrow to visit my mom for Mother's Day and I hope I don't fall asleep from being so tired after this weekend.




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There Was No Help From You.

It’s Tuesday morning. I feel like watching Iron Man 1 and 2 for some reason. But only 2 is on Netflix. Neverthemind I’m at work and it feels like I’ve been here for hours… And it’s only 1015 am as I write this. Time is going by so slow lately… I should have never said anything the other day when I wanted time to slow down. Let me rephrase that wish… “I wish time would slow down when I’m not at work. It can go as fast as it can while I’m stuck inside all day..” But of course it won’t listen to me at all because time is a douchebag. I managed to get up with enough time to get a bagel for breakfast. First time in weeks I managed to do it.. granted I didn’t shower at all or anything I just got dressed and doused myself in smelly stuff…  Oops. I need to start showering in the mornings again. It makes me feel better most of the time.

Bon Jovi just came on on my computer. 99 In The Shade. I love that man. His music makes me smile; him and Bruce. Two amazing artists from NJ that I lovelovelove. If you couldn’t tell this is a blog of randomness. I needed to take a minute from work and relax.. so much going on it’s not even funny

Sigh. Well, back to work again.