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10 Pillows, 3 Blankets and A Cold Empty Bed.

It’s 12:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep again. It’s been a crazy week, and very long at that. I think I need to majorly work tomorrow so I can add some hours to my time sheet and make more money. Need to save in case I don’t have a job come November 1.
I don’t want to go home to NJ. I really don’t. I need someone to hire me and have a normal 9-5 job like everyone else does so I can still have a social life. That’s all I want. I’m happy in an administrative position. As long as it’s not retail I think I’ll be okay. I can’t do that anymore.

I decided to leave Verizon. I wasn’t learning the new things to keep up and I was only working 1 day a week. I didn’t want to have to wait an extra week for commission to happen every month when I was able to earn it, that’s not how you do business at all. When an amount is owed to you on a certain date, then it’s owed to you that date. I think it’s for the best anyway. I have my weekends now to work more and have play time again.

The title of this blog seems fitting right now, I have about 10 pillows on my bed, a cat and 3 blankets. With no one to hold or cuddle me at all. I haven’t had a good cuddle in so long, I’m starting to forget what it really is even. I just want someone to wrap their arms around me and keep me warm at night sometimes. Is that too much to ask for anymore? I guess so, since it’s been maybe a year I got some actual cuddles or something. Maybe I should hire someone to do that for me. I’ll pay in cookies or brownies.. think that’ll work? Probably not.

I guess I’m just lonely. Been working alot and not seeing anyone except like 3 people. We haven’t done Arena in about 2 weeks, and I don’t know why. I guess they’re sick of me? Who knows anymore. I think I try too hard to be nice and the good person… lol. All it does is get me shit these days. Sometimes I just wish my efforts went appreciated and acknowledged.

Anyway. Here’s some new photos I took with my phone.


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Photo Of The Day 11/12/13

Happy 11 12 13!
Today is just like any other day. The wars, the dramas, the celebrities and their sick crap they do *coughmileycough* but it’s also snowing! Well, it did snow here overnight. Its snowing in Jersey right now and they’re getting what we got I believe.
But anyway, this photo was taken last week actually, I just haven’t gotten to upload it yet because of things going on. It’s probably my favorite and I’m actually going to be selling prints of it if anyone is interested. Koral.Novak@aol.com if anyone would like one and for pricing details. Make your subject line say “interested in purchasing a print” and I’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

Let me know what you think, feedback is always appreciated on artwork and photography. I love love this picture and it was edited with Snapseed.

More later!

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